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Simon’s award winning  show is suited for either a stage show with a captive audience for corporate events and gala entertainment. OR possibly for a more intimate VIP event! Either way, simon has received rave review about his performances at an after dinner event, awards ceremony, gala, fundraiser, president’s ball, association event, private party or corporate event and  trade show entertainment.

If you have or need a great creative and unique idea of how Simon’s performance would be a great asset to a booth at your trade show or your private event.  For a “one of a kind”, “uniue”, and “memorable”  magician and mentalist experience today, Simon would be happy to work with you. Contact Simon today and let’s make this HAPPEN!

Contact or 310-704-2708

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  • Demi-Moore-017_width_500.jpg Demi-Moore-017_width_500.jpg "Simon .... AMAZING" ......Demi Moore
  • scanjack (deleted 424ad978-6f68-275f6d57) scanjack (deleted 424ad978-6f68-275f6d57) Jack Nicholson was speechless while watching Simon's levitation at his birthday party in Beverly Hills
  • Ron-Dennis (deleted 4fe646e6-843d-ab0e76f7) Ron-Dennis (deleted 4fe646e6-843d-ab0e76f7) Formula One team McLaren CEO Ron Dennis has been kind enough to fly Simon to perform at many of his events
  • Special effect magic -Sparks,3D live illusion show Las Vegas Special effect magic -Sparks,3D live illusion show Las Vegas Special effects Magic -Sparks, Lasers, Fire , 3D Live Illusion Show- Las Vegas
  • "Do that again Simon" ....Arnold Schwarzenneger "Do that again Simon" ....Arnold Schwarzenneger "Do that again Simon" ....Arnold Schwarzenneger
  • "OUCH!"



See Simon’s website


Read the book “How to be a Mentalist” by Simon Winthrop to learn how to do some of the things Simon does in his show.

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las vegas mentalist and magician simon winthrop explains some of the secrets


The very best mentalist’s and magicians perform in Las Vegas. A mentalist reads peoples minds and can make people do things that they would normally not do.  A magician uses mind tricks to create illusions for people to enjoy. Even though they both are different things, they are nearly just alike. Both mentalist and magicians play tricks on peoples minds either making them think different things, or making them see different things that really are not there.

Watching Simon perform his comedy magic and performing his entertaining mind tricks  are  quite funny & entertaining and memorable to watch, Simon the Magician will leave you wondering how he did that, and will fascinate you in so that you and your clients want to come back for more.


Do I need to hire a Trade Show entertainer?

SALES LEADS like NEVER BEFORE: Booking A Trade show entertainer at a sales meeting or  corporate event can be an opportunity to draw a crowd to your booth and keep the crowd engaged and entertained in an effort to entertain,educate while collecting lead data and make sales.

Be MEMORABLE: Having Magic or mentalist type entertainment at your trade show booth or evening after dinner event will help your company, brand, team & product be remembered long after your event is finished.

Stand Out: Without Simon’s tradeshow performance your company will not generate as large a crowd and could lead to  just another unremarkable booth inside of an ocean of boring on the trade show floor.

Get a better R.O.I. with a trade show entertainer!

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Hiring a Great Trade show Entertainer for a VIP event or for the show floor is your opportunity to stand out among the fierce competition and be remembered long after the convention or corporate event is over.

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Greatest  Mentalist or Magician in Las Vegas


Searching for the best Magician or Mentalist in Las Vegas? Congratulations -you are steps away from booking the best! Las Vegas has the best magician and mentalist shows in the world! The best magician and mentalist  in Las Vegas will leave you dazzled and breathless. The magicians will give you the most amazing magic shows, While reading your guests minds in a high energy interactive fun comedy presentation performance. Simon has the best personality and will leave the audience astounded with an awesome vibe and he does all of this with his charming smile. Performing magic is  about mind games and  to make people think you are doing things for real. Seeing Simon perform is unforgettable!